Friday, December 5, 2008

Another update........

  Alright, it's update time again.  Yesterday was very a bad day to me and my friends and keep blaming myself until today. Nothing is painful than breaking other people's hope.........oh well...I need to get over it......While I was giving my final touch on my latest GempakStarz manga strip, I made this:  Subject-X8

Lol, this is my clean up version of my pencilled line art of my OC's girlfriend, Subject X8. Yup, at last I found the name of my own character, Subject X7 (of course their have their own original name which will been revealed soon).  X7 is a very weird guy since he loves cabbages (his planet don't have such thing!) and X8 also had her own weird addiction, she loves canned drinks (especially the ones which have 23 flavour in one drink called "Blazing Nurse" ). 

  While she is very serious and merciless in fighting she always been seen in a lazy, blurred mind, retarded mode which contrasts of her superior fighting skills than Subject X7 (she is 3 times more faster than X7 and has lot's of beam weapons than him!, hence her shining red uniform). a silent, introvert person and never speaks  excepts if she is with Subject X7 (and turns in her retarded mode after that hahaha......) or....when she gets happy (which you should not be happy with that!). She has a gold powered armor which contrasts Subject X& silver armor (which is a shitty unit, supposed to rival other Bronze armors of his army use that time but the project failed and the silver armor was never been tested and upgraded it's safety functions).

    While she was enhanced and intended to rival Subject X7 (who rebels on their radical society) ,  I already stated that she will be killed brutally by Gionervians during the massive exodus to earth, but to make my own story better I bring her back to live! (what a twist!) and a lot of interesting things will be happen soon >:3.  Maybe I should make a character sheet of her........

   I just commissioned Zue for this art. Knowing her colouring skills, I hope she can bring her "strength and courage" . She was inspired from  KOS-MOS (Xenogsaga), Noriko Takaya from Gunbuster, Ken Marinaris from  Z.O.E. Excellen Browning and Ryuune Zoldark from Super Robot Wars Original.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



And nothing can tell may dismay at this time being now. Why? Simple, Slaium just tell me that he was very busy this week and can't meet for my artwork submission!!! Man, such a disappointment. Lucky he did gave me his e-mail so I am going to send my works to him from e mail instead. Not sure if want to upload my current works on my Deviantart yet.  Sorry Tazi and Dae chan, for failing our plans......

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some random update, lolz......

      Ok, it's update time again. Remember about my designs on the a character who fell from outer space?  If MsgPlus_Img3974chan planned to make her character based on nephilim  and MsgPlus_Img3530 made her character based on nekomimi me on other hand takes on my own parody of super robot and real robot story, mostly Grendizer. While I mostly takes on many of those robot shows elements on my own own character story, I try to make it unique by trying to make something new - by putting my own lead character who lives in scientific and rationalist world into a world full of magic and bizarre things.  While I was browsing Nico Nico Douga (Japanese Youtube like website), I found one of my most favourite shows during my childhood, Uchuu Enban Daisenso! (The great Battle of Flying Saucers) , the prototype movie of Grendizer! (originally made just to supplicant Great Mazinger's series that time and not intended to being made as full series). In fact, while finding this I was actually tries to discover Vimeo's capability as video sharing website and it's fast! (They even accept some monstrous sized HD files there! cool), and since it was not available on Youtube I uploaded the videos there as just for a test. Here have a watch of this classic Super Robot show anyway since most of my story premises was based from this story.

The password is : azn

The Great Battle of Flying Saucers - Intro from Azunatsu on Vimeo.
The Great Battle of Flying Saucers from Azunatsu on Vimeo.

Also I made this, a Tempura and Tofu Donburi MsgPlus_Img2435



It's nothing than just a simple rice dish anyway. Only the serving is different (half cooked poached egg with seafood poured over rice) and some prawn and brinjal (yes, brinjal can act like fried banana you know) tempura.

Meanwhile at this time now.......... I was thinking my GempakStarz 8 page manga heroine's (who is a tsundere) personality.....hmm.....


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yawn~Um....what day is today? Shiiiiit.....

   Yeah....I  know... It's quite a long time I haven't post any decent updates here (blame my high number of tasks that I need to do for the sake of money! cries ) .  Demands are high, and I currently are rushing GempakStarz deadline for my next 8 page manga (the last time I do was a short form of Daydreamers story which turns out to be..........well scrapped anyway and get turned down.) It was a work made in rush anyway and not really conveys the true story according  to my original story in my short animation (the real animation was actually uploaded in my Vimeo account to which I kept the video link in secret due to some of the "strong" messages in there).  Apparently by the time I make this post, it seems there is somebody who can't stand enough for me to take my day's work (watch my chatbox and you will understand, sorry Tazi). I am still alive and now currently posting this with my shitty internet line .

    It seems that nobody finds out the error in my previous Gundam and Sakura photoshoped picture, lolz.  Recently people asks me what's with the buring heart thing on my Deviantart journal. Well, that was actually a reference to this guy!


Say hi to Dancougar! Burning Heart is reference to this guy and if you hear thei main theme song you will understand. Why Dancouga? Because this guy makes to draw! Heh.........By the way I just want to reminded anybody about my previous post. I got a picture of CLAMP's Needle Gundam here:

1219644479652's Valsione R, an original character from Super Robot Wars. CLAMP was not GAR (manly??) enough to make fearsome mecha (yes, even this one!) and this machine is even NOT a Gundam!. This one is the real one:


Yes, "noodly" indeed (just like most of their characters) and no I am not trolling you all, CLAMP fans (me, myself is in fact CLAMP fan!). Here the proof:



Surprised to see my source? (Btw, that's from my friend so stop thinking nonsense!). Alright, all can say is that after this discussion most of mecha fans didn't really like CLAMP for designing mecha especially Gundams as they think they are better be as character designers. They prefer insane machines not "noodly" machines!. Ok, CLAMP report ends here.

My Current Situation

   I was recently addicted to the Japanese television stations broadcasts which I stream online from my Windows Media Player. Here, take a look of what I am watching recently:


Yup, I knew that was quite a late screenshot there (I even already changed my Black Getter wallpaper  lolz)  but that is how stream Japanese television online. As you can see there I put notes because...well I am actually quite a forgetful person haha. Say hi to my ordinary desktop. 

  Well that's happen only in Sundays (Gundam 00 airs on 4.00 p.m. every Sunday and yes, I watch it without subs and if you think I was watching anime raws wrong but that doesn't mean I am good at Japanese language).  Like I say before I am too busy with works. I was actually planned to posts some of my WIP manga art here but...unlike Nut'z (she's my friend anyway)  I might be only posts a shot of the tsundere Sous chef girl here soon (if you read my Deviantart journal you will understand). I wonder if can use my own tones instead being computer toned by graphic artists of Art Square because I knew they are not doing it according to my ideas, by using Manga Studio. I hope I have enough time.

  Meanwhile, while I was doing those short mangas (I was thinking of making 3 stories, if I manage to catch the time) I was also designing my own character. If Tazi chan has Meori and Deava chan has Ira, I also have one and now currently designing this character's costume, powered armors, armaments, transports and mecha. I was thinking a hybrid machine (a super robot with real robot specs) for this guy and things get pretty hard. Why? watch this:


The biggest one here is Danguard Ace. The right side is Real robots and another side is Super Robots. Not in the picture is the forever growing colossal Getter Emperor  which totally out of scale and dwarfs Danguard Ace.


This is Grendizer. It recently got my attention due to my  character's design.

I was also thinking to make the character's powered armor to act like a flight suit (like the one in Strike Witches). The machine's able to Gattai with other mecha's which makes it bigger and  has many surprises. The character's story idea comes from UFO Robo Grendizer and to make it original I fused it with other Super Robots  and Real Robots storyline  together with my own ideas which is unique. Imagine you have a character who was a  horrible life and pretty useless, joins the army and selected to be one of experimental squad which has Kamen Rider like powered armor which can act as flight suits for a giant mecha which can gattai with other mechas to form a gigantic beast which has unveiled hidden powers! (Suddenly.....I think think mecha is overpowered  lolz). And............

  Let's browse Pixiv!

  While I was browsing the Japanese Devianart-like website, Pixiv for any references and inspirations I found out that  Japanese have lot's of talent in art! (of course) . I strongly recommends anybody to register there, at least if we don't understand their languange while those Japanese comments on our art, we can still have a peek of their rare and bizarre arts for our own good! (Harharharhar~). Also, recently my Devianart page are being stalked by these guys (halp! 8c460310 ). Here, have a look by some of great Pixiv artists I saw....


By Miche, I always saw him (her??)  on top of Pixiv rankings. Awesome!

2142822Another artsist. Detailllls...................


By Miche again. Seems that I began to adore this artist now...


Gurren Lagann fanart. This type of art exists in Pixiv. Also, crazy composition!


 This one makes me wonder how much time this guy take to finish this! Very inspiring for me and..........WHAT IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE IS THAT MACHINE???


 Singaporean Pixiv artists exists!  Does IFS rings you a bell? Also, perspectives!!!


 Same guy, more awesomeness!!


 And the last picture, again by Miche! and this time I cry in tears, seriously! Why? Watch her face again, she look like my passed away girlfriend!  I miss you May!!!  noooo (I think she's from Final Fantasy am I right?) This is now my wallpaper.


Something about me.

    Well...I am actually blike to cook besides messing my hands on my G-pens ink (and everytime I am doing that I had a breakfast with that ink!   027 ).  Once I cook an okonomiyaki (you know....if you had a takoyaki before this one is it's big brother) and unlike takoyaki (which in shape of ball)  this one looks more like a pancake but this is what people call Japanese pizza actually. The fillings can be from anything you like (cabbage on other hand is a must!) and more suitable with seafood to me. The best and correctly cooked version comes from Okinawa. While supposely okonomiyaki is served with Kikkoman soy sauce (I don't have that time...sighs...) and some Worchester sauce with mayonnaise (the original uses it's own unique sauce)  and Katsubuoshi (fish flakes) together with seaweed powder (yup, same serving as Takoyaki, lolz...). This one is what I made back then:


And I modified it by using just ordinary soy sauce with chopped bird's eye chili and Worchester sauce combination and you know what, it tastes great! ( I am genius! Hahahaha!). Too bad I can't get seaweed powder and fish flakes (those are rare items anyway).


There you go, a cut away photo of it (thanks to my Canon DSLR). I put chunks of chicken, chunks of sardines, some beansprouts (never saw in original version but it's great!) , chunks of squid and of course cabbages (obviusly shown there). On top of this is just a beaten egg (omelette) and the crust below is actually made with just water and flour. Okonomiyaki has pizza like feel so if one puts a cheese as one of the fillings that would be delicious! (also, never being done in any Japanese restaurants! believe me! Wait, I am innovating this right?) at the burned omelette.


Now that's one Japanese Okonomiyaki I done. And now my most recent creation (lol, sure I am too bored staying alone in my house hahaha) :


Hahaha, I don't even serve this in a plate!  This is actually a modified version of beef and beans recipe (the original version use pork in real life, me on other hand uses chicken instead lolz!). I just heat a can baked beans and mixed it with chicken chunks , some seafood (cockles, prawns, squid) brinjal slices, and some ladies fingers in it (so I can make the broth thicker without using corn starch! Heh~). kinda spicy since I add black pepper and cumin spices in it.


And  here's a close up of it XD By the time we had this for breakfast (yes!) we still can't finished it until the next day!  (since I manage to make a small dish into a more fully packed version that we can't store ituntil the next day!).

  Ok, that's all for now. I am going to continue drawing since that's the only thing I can do now anyway. End of my post petrified .

Thursday, October 16, 2008

CLAMP you done it again!!


My car, a black Perodua Viva 660. Looking shiny there ^^

Alright. Time to put my fingers on my keyboard again.I got this very busy days drawing my artworks like hell since I need money so much. While I am failed at myself browsing my favourite BBS on intertubes almost everyday due to loneliness and boredom (yeah I just made artworks to appear... LATE! Damn!) I found this:


OMG!!! It's Gojira!!!! Run for your lives!!!! *giggles* Jooooking~ ^^ . Actually I found this, seriously:


Surprised? too! This is actually a scan of a page from Newtype Magazine that features fan art from various mangakas, including CLAMP for Gundam's 30th Anniversary. Yup, now we know that Mokona loves Gundam (Char's Counterattack) . While there is a lot of talk about what's going to out for the anniversary (MS Igloo,Gaia Gear, Crossbone Gundam, Unicorn Gundam, the goddamn SEED movie....), there is a rumour saying Mokona might be involved as well! Why? Well we DO realize that CLAMP was involved Code Geass earlier character designs right? See below (click for bigger picture):


Ok this is another one:


Looks familiar? Well watch this:


And this:


Do note that CLAMP mostly reused their characters in every of their works (TRC is the best example). Also, Mokona DID make some Mechas in CLAMP works especially Magic Knight Rayearth. Here are one of their machines:


It is obvious that the "Card Captor" Sakura is dead and TRC Sakura replaces her instead. Talks about CLAMP is similar to Leiji Matsumoto premises (ignoring the continuity of their works and most of their story cotradicts each other) exist. It is been informed that Mokona loves Nu Gundam (yeah, Strike Freedom's father). While this may sound weird take a look of this:


Meet Zakura and Domoyo! (LOL!!). This shot of a manga page is very popular on imageboards especially 2ch. We all know Tomoyo is behind all this cosplay thing! (lol'd again).


Hey, looks good! Maybe we should a bigger version of those!


Sakura: Bigger??

Tomoyo: Yes!

Ok, now how the logical connection. The following picture is how Sakura supposed to looked like in the early Cardcaptor Sakura:


Sakura and Tomoyo are actually ONE! Some say that the idea Tomoyo didn't happened that time thus producing this kind of art. Most people believes Tomoyo is actually the artist themselves in form of manga shoujo! My reaction to this finding:


Cuteness and courage fused together FTW!!! BWAHAHAHA. Then suddenly when I remembers back that CLAMP loves "wings" this guy appear in my head:


No way!! We already have 00 Gundam! Enough of this!!

The fact is that CLAMP DID design a Gundam called Queen Gundam but I sadly didn't have that picture now. The only thing I can tell is that the Gundam look so thin (even it's shield also thin) and doesn't appealing much. I only saw just one design of it and that unit never appear in any Gundam show.


Dear Mokona Sensei.....I don't know you are trolling or not but if you SERIOUSLY do the next Gundam, make sure your pilot warms my heart again like Sakura ><; (duh!)

Ok, this my first long post that I ever had in my blog. So far this I can tell at this time being but before that:


P/S: The big clue is Mokona in Haro.Seriously, let's us keep it at this time being.